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2022-06-30 00:00:00

Welcome to the New Era of Fashion Games

Did you know?

…but not so many female-centric mobile game on the blockchain?

Build your fashion empire!

Fashion League is for everyone! Build and expand your own clothing store, become a virtual 3D fashion designer, sell, trade, rent out your products to other players, participate in design competitions, and create your own fashion NFTs.

Earn virtual money through different game modes, and convert it to crypto during our conversion events!

Fashion League will launch on mobile and PC in Q1 2023.

Boost your creativity

Design outfits with our ready-to-use tool in the game. No 3D or drawing skills required!

Participate in branded design challenges and win the opportunity to have your asset turned into an NFT.

Showcase your designs in the Fashion League Metaverse

We provide a platform for brands to display their products, improve their product market fit with real-time analytics, and collaborate with players and the community.

Fashion League will bring utility to your digital assets and make them tradeable by bridging the gap between digital and real-life products.

Unique Features


NFT Drops

Fashion League’s NFT collection and their rarities are randomly generated. Some of them are common, rare, ultra-rare, epic, and a few of them legendary.

Get your wallet ready, supply is limited!

Become a Shop Owner

  • Collection of 10,000 animated NFTs
  • PFP unique to owner (Picture for Proof and Profile Pic)
  • Use your NFT Shop Owner in the game
  • Earn more in-game cash
  • Get early access and special rates to Land Sale

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Become a Land Owner – Q4 2022

  • Collection of 10,000 NFT land plots
  • Each land plot will host a limited number of other players’ shops
  • Earn rental income from other players
  • Earn more in-game cash

Roadmap 2022/2023



  • NFT Shop Owner Drop
  • Marketplace Launch & $DSIGN Token Listing
  • NFT Staking


  • Land Sale
  • Game Alpha Launch
  • Open Call Artists/Designers for In-Game Collabs


  • Game Beta Launch & Early Access
  • Worldwide Launch
  • NFT Renting
  • Player vs. Player Mode


  • Fashion League DAO
  • Metaverse emerging

Advisory Board

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