Behind the Scenes - FASHION LEAGUE

Behind the Scenes

Building the Next Generation of Fashion Games

We started Fashion League with the conviction that the only way to create a successful product, would be by inviting the community to shape the game with us and giving them true ownership over their in-game digital assets. An NFT game is the perfect tool to give this ownership and voice to the community.

The idea for Fashion League has been snowballing for a long time and we are totally buzzing for it. While we are still working on the game development, we are also having our first NFT drop this fall. 10,000 NFT Shop Owners that can, later on, be used as in-game characters. Followed by an NFT Land Sale later in the year – and the official worldwide game launch early 2023. But to have come this far, let us tell you…has taken our heart and soul, plus a TON of hours, sweat and tears (mostly happy tears of course).