Take Your Seat in ‘The Front Row’

The purpose of calling The Front Row into existence is to bring Web3 leaders together all in one space. Because representation is crucial to significantly anticipate our needs and desires in the metaverse. From crypto, digital fashion, finance, philanthropy, tech and more. We aim to foster a thriving community that helps elevate Fashion League from the first-ever female-led fashion game on the blockchain, to a collective group that works together on a more beautiful and inclusive internet future. Join us and take a seat in the front row.

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Fashion League GAO

GAO in Fashion League’s universe stands for Gaming Autonomous Organization and is the equivalent of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The GAO will make sure that Fashion League won’t be managed top down – but from within its community. Holders of the Fashion League’s Governance Token $FNLG will co-own and co-govern. This means that the most committed and engaged players of Fashion League can directly influence its future and decide on, for example; new gaming features and even changing the governance system itself.

With a staggered introduction of $FNLG, all the governance tokens will have been distributed after 3 years. At this point, Fashion League GAO will fully govern the game.

Positive Vibes Only

We foster a fun, supportive, and collaborative vibe in our FL team as well as within our community. Positive vibes will never not be in fashion!

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