Cyber Fashion: Designing & Buying Virtual Clothes

NFTs have spawned several opportunities to create digital assets within the NFT marketplace, from artworks to gaming avatars and even fashion designs.

Fashion designers and major fashion brands are paying close attention to NFTs, with some embarking on their own digital fashion projects on the blockchain.

It’s fair to say we may witness a virtual renaissance in fashion. Let’s look at what’s happening, how people get involved, and what aspiring digital designers and entrepreneurs can expect.


What Are Virtual Clothes?

As the Metaverse grows in popularity through various games and virtual social experiences, the commodity of digital clothing is starting to gain great demand.

Gamers love collectible, exclusive, and scarce items, and fashion corporations realize this.

Now, notable brands collaborate with NFT icons to mint limited-edition, collectible, digital, and sometimes physical clothing items as NFTs for you or your online avatars. This change has increased online demand and traffic in a way that has had many people turning their heads.

Like any NFT, these clothes get sold on an NFT marketplace and are verified as authentic via the blockchain.

Buying and designing virtual clothes is becoming a new, almost avant-garde trend in the fashion world.


Fashion Icons Selling NFTs

When celebrities began to applaud and promote NFTs, and even sell their own NFT collections for thousands or millions of dollars in crypto, NFTs started to be seen as a viable medium for future fashion designers looking to jump on the next trend.

Many celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Grimes have contributed their NFTs to the marketplace through songs, videos, and artwork. Some stars have even pushed the boundaries of this medium even further toward the realm of fashion:

  • Pop-star and teen heart-throb Shawn Mendes released his line of NFT avatar cosmetics in collaboration with a company that makes digital clothing and avatars for corporations looking to expand into the metaverse.
  • Major brands and fashion corporations such as Gucci, Adidas, and Nike are working to collaborate with digital creators on avatars and digital cosmetics minted as NFTs and sold to be used in games functioning within the metaverse.
  • Fashion companies have teamed up with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kate Moss to promote new material by releasing the models’ NFT photo and video collections. Fashion celebrities like Hilton and Moss are turning the eyes of many fashion empires toward the virtual frontier.


Sneaker Companies Work With NFT Influencers

As mentioned, Adidas has shown great interest in the potential for the Metaverse to house a renaissance digitally. They’ve even released their NFT collection called Adidas Originals: Capsule Collection, wherein people can buy NFT virtual ‘capsules’ which contain mysterious items inside, only openable by the owner of the NFT.

In addition to this effort, the fashion company has collaborated with NFT influencers Gmoney, Punk Comics, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) to create a new fashion drop of both physical and digital items. These items will be sold in limited edition as NFTs and revealed in a series of both digital and physical comic books.

Meanwhile, Nike released their NFT collection known as Cryptokicks, a digital collectible sneaker line, one of which sold for the cryptocurrency equivalent of over $100,000.

For collectors, guaranteed ownership and authenticity matters most, and NFTs can offer just that for digital fashion collectibles.


Fashion Empires Expand into the Metaverse

With celebrities creating so much buzz within the fashion world around NFTs and clothing companies already making huge sales on exclusive digital merchandise, many major luxury brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton are turning their heads toward cyber fashion.


Gucci Goes All In

Gucci collaborated with collectible creator outfit Superplastic to make SUPERGUCCI, an exclusive NFT collection of digital and physical items. Each purchased NFT comes with a white sculpture hand-crafted in Italy, of which only 500 were made.

Following that, Gucci is collaborating with NFT marketplace SuperRare to create Vault Art Space, which will have multiple rounds of exclusive NFT artwork releases. They also recently released GucciTown, a world in the game Roblox in which players can play minigames, socialize, and buy exclusive digital Gucci items for their Roblox avatars.


Louis Vuitton Steps Up

With their app called Louis: The Game, Louis Vuitton stepped into the arena of cyber fashion. The game takes you on a quest where you learn about Louis Vuitton while collecting NFT postcards and earning rewards in the form of NFTs.

Since the game’s launch last year, it has had almost 2 million downloads and continues to grow.


Burberry Turns Heads

Additionally, Burberry launched its line of wearable digital clothing items as NFTs available in an online NFT game known as Blanks Block Party. The game is still in early access, but takes on the cartoony aesthetic of classics like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox to create a fun multiplayer experience where players can interact with and show off their NFTs.

The items included shoes, armbands, and even a jetpack, which collectively earned the company upwards of 300 thousand dollars in revenue.


Digital Fashion Week

Popular Metaverse game Decentraland had its fashion week last March, garnering more attention and demand for NFT fashion. The virtual fashion event saw material from notable names like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana.

Events like this are possible thanks to all the new and emerging virtual worlds on the Metaverse, which provides online gaming experiences in which players can flaunt their fashions and socialize with friends in various digital settings.


Metaverse Fashion for Independent Designers

The Metaverse has opened up many opportunities for fashion brands, corporations, and independent designers to make money and maintain authentic ownership over their ideas.

Even as brand-name companies expand into the metaverse, there is still a wealth of opportunities for independent designers, artists, or 3D modelers to enter the cyber fashion world or to work with these companies as they navigate a new digital frontier.

With more and more NFT games coming out with their demand for avatars, cosmetic items, exclusive collectibles, and more, the market is hot.

From there, the doors are open for the indies to compete against other fashion brands on somewhat equal footing. Otherwise, there’s an opportunity for indies to collaborate with corporations looking to expand into the Metaverse with their digital fashion lines.

As more NFT games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox grow, more rooms, realms, and worlds are being added to the Metaverse.


Fashion League Makes Designing And Buying Your Own Cyber Fashion Easy

Many digital artists, graphic designers, 3D modelers, and other artists can create their designs as they always have. However, now they can mint them as an NFT on their marketplace of choice, guaranteeing ownership and authenticity.

However, you don’t need extensive graphic design skills or other related fields to enter the NFT cyber-fashion world: Fashion League makes it easy for players to make their clothing designs without needing professional experience or software.

Through conversion events, fashion events, and social experiences, Fashion League also provides players with the opportunities to earn real money and have those fashion designs seen and minted as NFTs.


Fun-To-Earn, Fun-To-Make

Fashion League is a female-centered NFT mobile game centered around creating your fashion brand, designing your clothes, and managing a storefront while interacting with a community of players.

It is one of the first female-centered NFT games that focuses on the fashion element, giving the player complete customizable control over their aesthetics and empowering women to enter this emerging market with force.

As a player, you can make your own fashion designs, display them in your fully-customizable virtual storefront and gain exposure through various in-game multiplayer events.

The game follows a fun-to-earn model, where players are rewarded for consistently playing the game and can earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards. They can use their money in-game to buy tokens or browse other players’ creations.

Additionally, the game allows players to purchase virtual land and rent it to aspiring business owners or digital designers.


Broad Horizons for Cyber Fashion

Thanks to the expansion and development of virtual worlds like Fashion League, designing and buying virtual clothes has become a highly accessible, affordable, and even lucrative experience for those with popular ideas.

Players can cultivate their economies within these virtual spaces and generate income through avatars, designs, and collectibles sold as NFTs for cryptocurrency.

The market for cyber fashion is still young and has a wealth of possibilities ahead of itself for those willing to adapt and put their creative skills to the test in the Metaverse.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get started, consider Fashion League. Check out our site for more information.



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