Women-Led NFTs: Top Collections Changing the Industry

The NFT marketplace has a deep and powerful potential to lift voices that hadn’t always had the same opportunities as the traditionally wealthy and powerful. Women entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners are empowered daily by the options available through NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

NFTs have allowed women to claim authentic ownership over their artistic expression and protect their work. Digital creators can safely grow their voice and pursue their creative vision through the patronage they can earn through the NFT marketplace.


The Top 3 Women-led NFT Collections

Let’s look at some top NFT projects led by female creators, leaving a significant mark on the industry.

  1. Boss Beauties
  2. Fashion League
  3. Grimes

1. Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties released an NFT collection entitled Boss Beauty Role Models, inspired by the Gen-Z women who are changing the world today.

A series of portraits, each piece represents a different woman, with a diverse background, culture, or career, who changed the world in history or is changing it today in modern times.

These portraits have generated a fair amount of buzz after being the first NFTs displayed at the United Nations.

Lisa Mayer, founder, and CEO of Boss Beauties acknowledged that the unveiling was a historical moment. Such an event has undoubtedly changed the NFT industry, establishing a trend toward inclusivity and empowerment in artistic expression.

The Impact of Boss Beauties

Besides the empowerment and inspiration that comes from the artistic expression itself, from sharing the histories of so many strong women, Boss Beauties also has a noble goal.

Boss Beauties is an extension of the company founded by Lisa Mayer, called My Social Canvas. This company works to empower women emerging into the artistic and technological marketplaces by providing scholarships and mentorships.

Boss Beauties not only wishes to express empowerment creatively but to work practically toward a brighter, more inclusive marketplace for women.

Ripple Effect 

Thanks to the popularity of projects like Boss Beauties, Grimes’ NFT collection, and numerous others, the influence and drive toward inclusivity continues to grow with many new NFT collections.

Collections like WOW (World of Women NFT), WomenRise, Sad Girls Bar, and Remarkable Women all strive to create representation for women in the NFT art world. At the same time, these collections have helped secure equal opportunities for women digital artists in the crypto and web3 space while educating a future generation of makers.


2. Fashion League 

Fashion League is developing a virtual space to empower women entrepreneurs in fashion and design. 

Fashion League is one of the first female-centric NFT RPGs on the blockchain. It will allow women, and other players, to grow their brand voice and fashion business in a virtual space while earning real cryptocurrency and the opportunity to mint their unique clothing as NFTs.

The whole mission behind Fashion League is to give everyone opportunities in the NFT marketplace and the Metaverse at large.

Fashion League is helping women business owners seize their moment by providing digital space to build virtual businesses.

Fashion League Has a “Create-And-Own” Gameplay Model

While it would be unwise to undercut the financial opportunities available in Fashion League, it’s important to mention that Fashion League is still a mobile game. It’s committed to not feeling like work but following a Fun-To-Earn and Create-And-Own model. 

Empowering women gamers as well, Fashion League rewards players who complete in-game tasks with the ability to convert in-game rewards into Fashion League’s own utility token that can be exchanged into real cryptocurrency.

Without necessarily being a passionate designer or ambitious business owner, Fashion League provides entertainment for any gamers.

Like any RPG, your commitment and persistence within the game will earn you worthwhile rewards.

Creativity, Community, and Customization with Fashion League

Fashion League also offers a creative space to the player. A focal point of the experience of playing Fashion League is creating your storefront, clothing designs, and brand voice.

Players will compete to have their clothing designs minted as NFTs and made purchasable on the NFT marketplace, along with avatars and in-game cosmetics.

This NFT RPG is creating a community of players who can visit each other’s stores, collaborate on ideas, and try out other new and established brands from independent creators and significant companies.



Pop-star and innovative female artist Grimes made a giant splash last year in the NFT community by selling her digital NFT art collection for 6 million dollars. After being reported on by multiple media outlets, this success has opened up mainstream recognition of digital assets’ value in the music and art worlds combined.

Already hailed as an innovative, avant-garde force in the art world, Grimes followed the newest wave by putting her support toward the NFT marketplace, contributing art that was sure to catch the eyes of even the most skeptical viewers and becoming an NFT artist in the process.

Her support through her fanbase is undoubtedly strong, abiding, and valuable. The value of authentic ownership over one of her works was sure to create a lot of buzz around her own NFTs. Best of all, Grimes’ artwork was able to be protected and authenticated thanks to the blockchain.

The GRIMES NFT Collection

Grimes’ collection included ten original digital artworks sold on Nifty Gateway. These artworks included images, videos, and music. 

One major piece in the collection was called “Death of the Old,” a video that included haunting, spiraling imagery featuring crosses, biblical lights, and angels. 

The whole piece feels surreal with a desert setting and strikingly mixes the virtual with the mystical and spiritual. The video is set to an original song by Grimes describing insomnia, spiraling thoughts, and feeling beat.

Although under a minute long, the NFT sold for over 300 thousand dollars.

“Earth” and “Mars” Earn a Huge Profit for GRIMES

Grimes also sold the pieces entitled “Earth” and “Mars,” featuring similar surreal, science-fictiony, and biblical imagery with original songs. These NFTs, however, had thousands of copies each, sold for upwards of 7,000 dollars a pop. 

It’s no wonder that the influential pop-star Grimes made out with millions, leaving a memorable mark on the digital art industry as a whole and raising the eyebrows of fellow artists.


More About Fashion League NFTs

Fashion League is building a collaborative space that will serve as a solid support base for the empowerment of women within the NFT marketplace, the Metaverse, and the NFT gaming world at large.



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