Gameplay | Fashion League

Play Your Way to the Top

  • Develop your shop, design stylish items, and dominate competitions to become Fashion League’s greatest.
  • Dress your models with your take on the latest fashion trends to send them on missions to build your brand’s legacy.
  • Team up with other players and sell, or auction your fashion curations to your customers.
  • Show off your personality and style by creating your own unique Shop Owner avatar.

How to Earn

Thanks to a player-centric and sustainable ecosystem that sticks to “Fun and Earn”, players can actually earn while having fun playing Fashion League. With or without owning one of Fashion League’s NFTs. The game rewards early players, time spent and skills acquired.

Conversion Events

Once a week during Fashion League’s conversion events, players will be able to convert their earned in-game Ca$h into $DSIGN. DSIGN tokens can then be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat money on any crypto exchange platform!


There is a maximum total supply of 888,888,888 $DSIGN tokens that will be distributed over time. To mitigate inflationary pressure, this amount is fixed and will never change.

This token aims to reward players, provide utility, align incentives, and regulate the Fashion League economy.

$DSIGN will be available for purchase on several top-tier crypto exchanges from the launch of the game.

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