NFT Drop

2022-06-30 00:00:00

Welcome to the New Era of Fashion Games

The community creates & the community wins – mobile-first and free-to-play.

Let the World Catch Up to Us

Women-led community claiming our place in Web3 by gamifying fashion.

Created by the Community, Developed by Unity

Fashion League is a first-of-its-kind, female-led blockchain mobile game harnessing the power of NFTs and the metaverse to bring Web3 to the masses. FL is a unique RPG gaming experience and a platform to display and gamify digitalized products.

It’s about time

Like most games before them, Web3 games are being built primarily by men for a primarily male audience. We’re here to change that. Fashion League is designed to be inclusive and empowering for all. Why? Because it is about time that people acknowledge the immense potential of our audience.

It’s about time

Build Your Fashion Empire

Design and own! Build your virtual brand with Fashion League. Manage and expand your own clothing store. Become a 3D fashion designer! Trade and rent out your products to other players, participate in design competitions, and create your own fashion NFTs.

Showcase Your Talent in the Metaverse

Fashion League is not only a game, but a platform for brands and players to display their products, improve their product market fit with real-time analytics, and collaborate with the community.

Fashion League will bring utility to your digital assets and make them tradeable by bridging the gap between digital and real-life products.

Unique to Fashion League


NFT Drops

Fashion League’s NFTs and their levels of rareness are randomly generated, ranging from common, rare, ultra-rare, epic, all the way to legendary! The NFTs are ERC-721 tokens and their debut drop is coming soon.

NFT Shop Owner

A genesis mint of 10,000 unique NFT Shop Owners. Rare, tradeable, playable.

NFT Land

Earn rental income from other players by owning land.

What do I get?

– Create the game with the leading game engine Unity and Fashion League team
– Get early access to game builds
– Play with your NFTs and get exclusive in-game benefits
– Be owner of your digital asset with interoperability
– Trade, stake and lend your NFTs on our marketplace
– Be part of the community
– Get early access to future minting events

Roadmap 2022/2023



  • NFT Shop Owner Drop
  • Marketplace Launch & $DSIGN Token Listing
  • NFT Staking


  • Land Sale
  • Game Alpha Launch
  • Open Call Artists/Designers for In-Game Collabs


  • Game Beta Launch & Early Access
  • Worldwide Launch
  • NFT Renting
  • Player vs. Player Mode


  • Fashion League DAO
  • Metaverse emerging

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