How (And Why) To Buy Land in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is at the forefront of a renaissance within the NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace. Blockchain technology continues to develop and expand toward new possibilities while consistently growing in popularity.

Originally just used for digital artwork, memes, and videos, the NFT marketplace continues to expand its potential, even into the world of NFT gaming. Now, NFTs can give authentic ownership and real monetary value to digital assets such as character avatars, cosmetics, in-game tools, and digital property.

Leading this new movement in the market, the Metaverse stands as one of the first frontiers of digital land ownership.

So, how do you invest in your virtual plot of land in the Metaverse, and why should you? Fashion League is here to show you the ropes.


The Basics: Buy Crypto

To authentically own your digital property, you might want to get familiar with the NFT marketplace first.

If you haven’t yet, start by signing up for a crypto wallet. These wallets function similarly to any stock exchange and are very user-friendly. Some examples include Metamask, Coinbase, Gemini, and many others!
You’ll need a wallet to purchase cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is the main currency used in NFT marketplaces. If you plan to buy, sell, or make your own NFTs, you’ll need to have some cryptocurrency to cover minting costs, exchanges, and gas fees. Keep in mind that many metaverse platforms operate off of the Ethereum blockchain.

You could consider these fees as service fees necessary to keep the marketplace, blockchain, and web servers running.


Connect Your Wallet: NFT Marketplaces to Explore

You’ll also want to get familiar with an NFT marketplace of your choice. These platforms, much like a traditional online marketplace, allow you to exchange cryptocurrency for various NFTs by connecting your crypto wallet.

Certain NFT games may function through one of these marketplaces, so if you’re planning to get involved in NFT gaming, look into how the economy will work in your game of choice.

Some examples of NFT marketplaces are:

  • Opensea
  • Rarible
  • SuperRare
  • Foundation


Join the Metaverse

Simply put, the Metaverse is like a digital cosmos composed of various virtual worlds, which take the forms of different platforms or RPGs. The Metaverse is an umbrella that includes any virtual landscapes being developed on the blockchain.

Millions of dollars in value are amassing in cryptocurrency and digital assets through various platforms.


Metaverse Platforms

The Metaverse is already massively popular, particularly within a few platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. Major corporations and independent investors are already buying virtual land on popular platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox.

This doesn’t mean that more independent developers are ignored, either. The Metaverse has the potential to create a lot of value in digital assets for anyone who can make an appealing new frontier, a new virtual landscape.

Fashion League is an NFT game making strides to stand out amongst the other platforms, taking its place as one of the first female-centric fashion games to enter the Metaverse.

Fashion League not only deals in digital assets like virtual real estate but allows the player to compete to have their fashion designs and brand minted as an NFT.


Exploring The Metaverse

Various new platforms are being developed on the Metaverse via the Ethereum blockchain. You might be curious how these different games and virtual social spaces compare.

Let’s take a look at some popular and emerging platforms:


Fashion League

Fashion League will be the first female-centered NFT Fashion RPG on the blockchain. This game allows players to compete to have their fashion designs minted and sold as NFTs while also being allowed to try out some new designs from established brands and leave feedback.

Fashion League will also feature cryptocurrency competitions, rewards tasks, and the ability to create your digital storefront.



Sandbox is an NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain that reminds a lot of players aesthetically of Minecraft. It has a cute, boxy, pixelated art style.

Aside from purchasing land, the player is free to create their avatars, minigames, vehicles, pets, and more and mint them as NFTs, saleable on Sandbox’s marketplace.



Decentraland is all about creative freedom, allowing the player a wide range of options to craft their unique destinations while inviting friends and neighbors to check out what they made.

Decentraland has its cryptocurrency, which is exchanged for in-game property: Digital assets like avatars, clothing, and other items minted as NFTs.


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game much like your average pet-simulator meets Pokemon. You get to collect, train, breed, and sell your very own cute little Axie creatures as NFTs. There are many creatures to choose from, with a solid range of customization options.


Other Notes about Metaverse Platforms and Crypto

Choosing your platform is the last but most crucial step of the process. Be sure to seek out something that has the potential to catch the interest of other brands, offering them the opportunity to invest and expand virtually.

As you may have noticed, different platforms require you to purchase various cryptocurrencies to participate in that platform’s economy.

The same can be said for NFT marketplaces. While some platforms operate and sell their NFTs through an established online marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible, other platforms may create their own in-game NFT marketplaces.

These factors are essential to consider when assessing where you should digitally invest.


Why Go Virtual? Why Buy the Metaverse?

The simple answer is: Demand.

The Metaverse has caught the interest and the budget of many influential business owners and billionaires.

Besides the unbridled interest and support celebrities like Elon Musk have brought for cryptocurrencies, Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his commitment to the Metaverse, even rebranding his company Facebook over to Meta. This is a move that is sure to catch the interest of major corporations worldwide.

As evidence shows, it has. Corporations like Atari and Adidas invest thousands into digital land in the Metaverse. Some of the largest land-holders right now are significant corporations.

With that kind of money and influence backing it, the Metaverse has the potential to build a robust and supportive foundation and a dedicated fanbase while offering a potentially profitable investment opportunity.

Like any real estate, as long as it is desired by deep pockets, passionate techies, and opportunistic investors alike, digital land can generate and hold real value. This will be especially true after digital land develops into viable virtual business spaces, storefronts, or social spaces by players and businesses.


The Metaverse Offers a Unique Opportunity

The Metaverse also offers a unique opportunity to enter the digital arena as an investor when it is still young in its development. This gives the investor immense power in how they choose and who they choose to buy digital assets or NFTs.

While a few platforms on the Metaverse are more popular than others, the marketplace is so fresh that you can expect to see the emergence and ascension of many independent and unique NFT games throughout the incoming years.


Fashion League and Digital Market Frontiers

Fashion League has the potential to generate the interest of fashion brands that are looking to test out products and expand their horizons into the digital world. Luxury brands can offer unique clothing and cosmetics for your avatar, minted for authenticity as an NFT and exchangeable as a viable investment.

This NFT RPG game is one of the first female-centered NFT games on the blockchain. With a focus on empowering women in the business and financial world, Fashion League stands to make a big splash by offering inclusivity and opportunity for women in a new, emerging digital marketplace.

Create the fashion designs of your dreams, and compete to see them minted as NFTs!



Fashion League offers players the opportunity to create a storefront and start their virtual fashion brand with the potential to have the clothing designs minted as NFTs. Players can also complete tasks to gain rewards and potentially crypto.

As a new frontier, the Metaverse stands open to anyone who will seize it, making it ripe for opportunity, especially for those previously shut out of an over-saturated conventional marketplace.

Fashion League is seizing this moment to create opportunities for aspiring virtual business owners and veterans of investment and business alike.

It gives the potential for prospecting business owners to create viable assets and build their brand voice. They can test products on a virtual audience to gauge the reception or develop a design for another company.

Fashion League is growing toward creating a space for creative and independent voices to express themselves through fashion, gain exposure in the NFT marketplace, and build products and businesses they may not have had the means to create previously on their own.



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