Metaverse Games: How Are They Different and Where Can I Find Them?

The Metaverse offers a range of virtual worlds and avatars to explore, resources to collect, and items to earn, all of which can be minted as NFTs and exchanged for cryptocurrencies. But as the NFT market still grows, it may confuse some people about how to find and play these games.

Don’t fret! Let’s go over the growing potential of metaverse games, what sets them apart from conventional gaming, and where you can explore them for yourself. You’ll find it’s not hard to get in there now, earn your keep, and secure your digital property and assets.


What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds, much like video games or RPGs.

Players can interact, form communities, start digital businesses, create public events, customize avatars, and more.

Most notably, these worlds offered the potential to experience financial gain in the real world by exchanging in-game assets or game currency minted as NFTs and sold for cryptocurrency with blockchain technology.

Many of these worlds offer a range of customization options and avatars, allowing for great flexibility and creativity in how you utilize your virtual property to earn crypto.


How Metaverse Games are Different: Fun-To-Earn Cryptocurrency

One thing that sets apart a lot of metaverse games is that they have the potential to earn the player real cash rewards for simply playing.

This is the Fun-To-Earngameplay model: Gather resources in-game and then use them to create or purchase items that can get minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Once your character’s items are NFTs, they get authenticated on the blockchain as real digital assets which you can sell for cryptocurrency.

These NFT games offer players real financial growth in exchange for their time spent online, gathering resources, and contributing to their growing online community and virtual world.


Other Digital Assets in the Gaming World

Besides gathering resources, there are many other ways a player can earn real money in various NFT games:

  • Creating or earning rare items in-game
  • Designing avatars and minting them as an NFT
  • Growing a virtual storage and production space where digital assets can be held and made
  • Stimulating a virtual economy
  • Cultivating a space where NFT art can be exhibited and exchanged
  • Creating ticketed events for other players to attend
  • Renting a piece of real estate to another player


Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse

Many NFT entrepreneurs are excited about virtual worlds’ digital real estate potential like those in metaverse games. As these digital ecosystems fill up, certain locations for digital property can become highly valued and lucrative to hold on to as an investment.

This is possible because those digital plots of land are minted as NFTs on the blockchain, making them authentic and legitimized for secure purchase and exchange.

Many of these virtual realities in blockchain games have limited land space, generating scarcity and value.


Digital Real Estate is Gaining Popularity

There certainly is enthusiasm and competitive momentum in the gaming industry regarding player housing. This will likely apply to metaverse games while fueled even more by the financial incentive.

Once the digital property is acquired, it can be sold or rented to other players. In this way, players can create a source of somewhat regular income for themselves, either by purchasing property and developing it or renting that space to others for crypto.

Players can choose to use their player-housing as an exhibition place, storage, office, storefront, or any other business structure to earn crypto and motivate a virtual economy.


Where To Find Metaverse Games

Before you can get started playing the metaverse game of your choice, there are a few things to note:

  • Many Metaverse games require you to have a crypto wallet, such as Coinbase or Metamask.
  • You will also sometimes need to buy a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or in some cases, the game’s specific token.
  • Some games connect to NFT marketplaces like Opensea or Rarible to sell digital assets like avatars, items, decorations, emotes, and more.

Most of the time, you’ll have to explore each game’s website to locate the installer and find out which specific wallet, cryptocurrency, or NFT marketplace may be required. Be sure to use a solid computer with a good internet connection.


The Best Metaverse Games

Explore, do your research, and have fun! Here are some examples of popular Metaverse games out today to give you an idea of what to expect out there in the growing world of NFT gaming:

  1. Decentraland
  2. Sandbox
  3. Axie Infinity
  4. Fashion League



Decentraland is a game that allows the player a great range of creativity in the kind of virtual worlds they want to create and inhabit. The game allows you to browse a series of unique player-made destinations, which can be anything from businesses to gathering places, to completely bizarre and alien worlds.

Players can buy and sell digital property, clothing, items, and avatars as NFTs for Decentraland’s custom cryptocurrencyMANA.



The Sandbox takes on the blocky aesthetic of classic pixel games and gives it a fresher 3D aesthetic, similar to Minecraft. The game allows players to use a modeling tool to create their avatars, vehicles, weapons, pets, etc. You can then sell these items in Sandbox’s very own marketplace.

This virtual land game also has a Game Maker function, where players can create their games without getting into the nitty-gritty of real game development.


Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a gaming experience inspired by Pokemon. However, it leans further into the pet-sim angle, allowing the player to take care of and nurture their own ‘Axie,’ a fantasy creature they can collect, trade, breed, and watch grow. There is a wealth of creatures with various body parts to customize.

After you collect your Axies, you can look for resources or fight with other Axies for rewards. The game has its own set of tokens called SLP and AXS, which get used in the transactions of items, and of course, Axies, which are all minted and sellable as NFTs.


Fashion League

Fashion League is unique among other NFT games because it strives to be the first female-centered NFTRPG on the blockchain. In this game, you can build and customize your store on a digital property, where you will shape your clothing brand and find your voice in fashion.

In Fashion League, the player will create and design clothing, then sell it on the in-game marketplace to other players and NPCs (Non-playable-characters) for in-game cash that can be converted to FL’s own utility token and later on exchanged for cryptocurrency. This game provides an environment for fashion-loving gamers to build their virtual businesses while fostering a digital economy and online community.

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