NFT Ideas: 3 Ways that NFTs are Going Mainstream

Most people today probably know or have at least heard about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Between discussions on social media, entertainment shows, and other content, the internet is abuzz with curiosity about the potential of NFTs to shape the future of digital assets.

But how many people treat their curiosity with the seriousness of an investor, and what’s the future of NFTs in the mainstream? Let’s look at three major ways NFTs are breaking out into the mainstream.


NFT RPGs: A Big Shift for Gaming

There’s probably no bigger group on the internet than that of gamers. Since the beginning, the internet has grown hand-in-hand with the popularity of gaming. Finally, NFTs have also made a sizable splash in the world of online gaming:

  • Fun-to-Earn games are being developed wherein the player can earn real tokens and make money by completing in-game tasks or winning rewards. These games also offer the potential to virtually trade and display your NFTs.
  • Cosmetic items, character avatars, skill boosts, and virtual property can all be circulated for online gamers via the NFT market. Unlike in traditional gaming, where players don’t own in-game assets, with NFT games, players can finally claim ownership of the digital assets they win, earn, or buy while playing.
  • Virtual property can be managed, rented, sold for real money, or used for digital business ventures, galleries, and entertainment events.

Unsurprisingly, gamers are excited about the potential to make an income off their daily grind.

Whereas traditionally, RPGs could only offer players rewards in the form of skill advancement, or leaderboard placements, now there is the potential for real financial gain, as well as the emergence of a new virtual marketplace.


Star Power

Pop culture stars have shown substantial power in their ability to bring what were originally somewhat subcultural internet trends directly into the spotlight.

Although it’s often hard to make topics surrounding technology and finance exciting, the internet’s entertainment stars have been able to share their passion for advancing blockchain technology in new, stimulating, and creative ways.


Crypto: The Buzz Begins

We saw it with the renaissance of cryptocurrencies — celebrities from various influences promoting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin:

  • We witnessed Elon Musk gain a huge hold over crypto trends with his highly vocalized enthusiasm, even appearing on SNL to poke a little fun and show support.
  • Mike Tyson took the athletic entertainment world by surprise with his endearing support of blockchain, which he discussed on multiple shows. Now he’s launched his very own NFTs.
  • Snoop Dogg and Grimes promoted their enthusiasm for crypto, furthering the buzz in the entertainment world and pop culture. Both now have NFT collections.

Although these are only a few examples, one can see how stars have already been able to use their influence to spread the buzz around blockchain technology into various niches online, from the tech and business world to sports, to pop culture and the arts.


An Online Renaissance for NFTs

NFTs are gaining widespread interest in various online groups, forums, and subcultures. With cryptocurrency’s foundation, more people have become familiar with and open to blockchain innovations.

Whereas to most people, NFTs may have seemed to be merely a novelty or curiosity, the success and growth shown in the crypto market have lent credibility to the emerging digital market for NFTs. So as is natural, now we see stars lending their support for non-fungible tokens.

Most of the stars mentioned above, along with a huge range of internet personalities and social media influencers, are leading the renaissance of NFTs by creating educational content and promotional material on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, as well as their art pieces: minted as NFTs and sold as authentic digital assets.

A host of influencers, from rapper Post Malone to actor Lindsay Lohan to even the late comic-book great Stan Lee’s estate, have launched their own NFT collections.

As clips are shared online of these stars promoting their material and circulated throughout the various algorithms of social media sites, the buzz only continues to grow for NFTs.


Social Media: Creative Marketing for NFTs

NFTs are unique because they have the potential and the opportunity to be more easily marketable than even cryptos. Whereas cryptocurrencies promised to change the shape of the finance world, NFTs have a wide-reaching influence over the domains not only of technology and finance but of visual art, music, and gaming.

As digital assets, NFTs have a lot more creative potential in how they can be marketed, especially since they are, in many cases, already art pieces. For example:

  • Snoop Dogg and Eminem teamed up to create “From The D 2 to The LBC ” to promote their NFT collaboration. The video featured animated versions of characters from the Bored Ape NFT collection. This collaboration created significant growth for the NFT collection.
  • Logan Paul created 99 Originals, his series of photographs to be sold as NFTs. He uploaded a promotional short film to YouTube to create buzz.
  • Meanwhile, his brother Jake Paul turned his influence toward the athletic world, marketing his famous knockout of Nate Robinson as an NFT for a reported $10 Million. Similarly, Mike Tyson has promoted and sold his knockout-related NFTs to sports fans.
  • The circulation of buzz about NFTs increases as podcasts, talk shows, and the like continue to comment on the increased activity of stars within the NFT market.

The creative nature of NFTs makes them incredibly easy to market to pop-culture audiences. With their expertise in online content creation, social media stars can easily promote their non-fungible tokens in palatable, engaging ways.

It becomes natural for stars to invest in NFTs that look entertaining, fun, exciting, and come with additional utilities like membership access and game compatibility.


Get Into NFTs with Fashion League

Fashion League is revolutionizing the virtual landscape. It’s the first female-centered fashion RPG on the blockchain, where players will be able to manage their virtual storefront, gather resources, and earn real money while building their very own fashion brand.

Now gamers can put their passion and gaming skills into their virtual businesses, creating financial growth while doing what they love. And there is no doubt that their competitive nature will create positive change and buzz for the future of NFTs.

NFTs are part of a creative renaissance that changes how artists create, celebrities entertain, and gamers play.



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