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Fashion Industry’s Challenge

Every year, the fashion industry, ranging from retailers to luxury brands, drives a significant profit to the global economy. It is one of the biggest, yet most challenging industries impacted by numerous factors amongst which are customer acquistion difficulties, supply chain woes and sustainabilty pressures

Many fashion brands are now under pressure to innovate while at the same time being cost-conscious. Generation Z, the next wave of consumers are also no longer contented with simple purchase transactions; they want to have an experience attached to it, not just any experience but a unique and personalized experience.

Furthermore, they crave a participatory, collaborative relationship where brands do not treat them as traditional consumers but as being part of a community supporting their beliefs.

Why is Gaming so important for Brands?

More than one third of the world population are already spending their time on playing games and this number will continue to grow. Simply put, gaming is the language of Generation Z! The sooner that brands recognize this, the bigger the slice of pie they get to enjoy.